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Week Eleven ~ MKMMA ~ Me… and the Mirror

There’s nowhere to run or hide when you look at yourself in a mirror. Sure, I can walk away, look away, but I’m still there. It’s a bit like your FEET.You know they’re there. You walk all day with them, … Continue reading

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Week Five ~ MKMMA ~ Sensitive Order

In my 30’s, one of my favourite books was “Sensitive Chaos”, by Theodor Schwenk. I highly recommend it. Sensitive Chaos shows the unifying forces that underlie all living things, and observes such phenomena as the flight of birds; the formation … Continue reading

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Week Three ~ MKMMA 2014 … finally, a crack in the armour

Week 3 was full of ups and downs… but by the end of the week, there was light. More light and more possibility than there has been for a while. And the small triumphs of reading, sitting, achieving and keeping … Continue reading

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Week One ~ MKMMA 2014 ….. Trust

T R U S T …..  “firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something” Yes, I have it in spades….. I’m so grateful to be undertaking MKMMA for the second time. And this is why…. my … Continue reading

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