Week Fifteen ~ It’s Makeover Time

You imagine THIS is a makeover, right?


How lovely would it be to look 10 years younger?

My makeover is not skin deep though… it’s an inside job 😉

Every week, when someone on the webinar says, “You are Nature’s Greatest Miracle”,   I cringe a little inwardly.

Self-depreciation has been high on my list of daily activity throughout my whole life. (Admittance is the first sign of recovery!)

However, I recognise that ever so slightly, the girl in the glass is looking different. Perhaps it’s because of the eyes that are looking out rather than the actual reflection…. the world within changes the world without 🙂  I’m a lot lot lot kinder to myself ❤

Woman Looking at Reflection

Yes, I have faith in her.

Yes I know she is on a long journey, and she is succeeding.

I feel respect for her, and I trust her. She has pride in herself and her word.

How many years has it taken to come to this point?

I’m in my 60th year and it has taken all my life!

Now I’m starting the Ultimate Makeover in MKMMA. It’s not a haircut or a new dress… it’s BIG! It’s another step to ultimately change my blueprint… brick by brick, with the Law of Substitution.

Filling out the Gratitude Cards daily… shuffling, shuffling… smile (oh yes, I like that one). Finding out that it takes less effort to succeed than it does to fail. Wow, wish I’d known that some decades ago!

Thanks to Ben Franklin (yes, the guy on the USD$100 note), I’m undertaking a Virtue Makeover. In his Autobiography, Ben Franklin says, “I conceived the bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection. I wished to live without committing any fault at any time; I would conquer all that either natural inclination, custom, or company might lead me into…. But I soon found I had undertaken a task of more difficulty than I had imagined.”  Of course!! LOL

My Makeover involves 13 Virtues. Self discipline is my first Virtue…. I recognise it as often as possible every day. Funny how what you focus on multiplies!! I see it so many times in the strangest places 🙂  Knowing that Self Discipline has been my #1 Achilles Heel, I’m surprised how it’s been everywhere and I haven’t noticed it before.


This week….

Looking for examples of Self Discipline… even with children.

Doing the work, knowing “Knowledge does not apply itself” … Haanel.

Focusing on gratitude always, and it grows – I see it all around. Give more, get more. My total makeover continues week by week, and I have faith in the process.

And I’m loving ‘the Gal in the Glass’ more and more every day.

11007_897421416949838_620926836464367584_n   AND,  I am  Nature’s Greatest Miracle  xxx



About weseekfreedom

After 25 years in a small dark room speaking to no one (well a FEW people then), the Digital Age entered and threw me out on my ear. What does an old film editor do then? Welcome to Network Marketing! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?
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6 Responses to Week Fifteen ~ It’s Makeover Time

  1. Jenny, Beautiful and inspiring! You uplift the heart with your writing. I’m cheering for you all the way!
    “Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your Vision is the promise of what you shall one day be. Your Ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.”


  2. jwest959 says:

    Right there with UA on the self-depricating talk. Just why oh why is it so often the default and easier to beleive? And, yes, law of substution is getting quite the work out these days. Grateful to be catching myself at unkind thoughts. Aren’t you shocked at how often they occur?!


  3. As I read your excellent blog, my mind kept wandering to that awesome poem “The Easy Roads are Crowded”. Here are the final lines
    ‘……..But the steps that call for courage
    And the task that’s hard to do,
    In the end results in glory
    For the never-wavering few’.

    You are one courageous person:


  4. George Pauli says:

    Jenny, you are a Hero! to admit what you just admitted, it’s wonderful, keep growing!


  5. Inspiring words and great share of your journey. A lot of us #MKMMA are at a similar point. Thanks for sharing. G


  6. Luc says:

    60 is a great number (I know it because I turned that age last year 🙂 and a weakness can also turn into a powerful strength…I KNOW it can happen to you too with self-discipline or with any other virtue of your choice, because you deserve to achieve your purpose…Believe and persist, and you succeed! Great post!


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