Week Six ~ MKMMA ~ Make your Bed and Don’t Ring the Bell !

There’s an extraordinary speech on You Tube by a the 9th Commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command …  if you’re in business, if you want to achieve success in life, there are 10 Life Lessons… you’d be well advised to watch the video and take good notes.

030622-N-3953L-106  SEAL training (and its notorious Hell Week), is an unthinkably brutal training gauntlet designed to separate the born warriors from the merely mortal.

And how do you get through this torturous indoctrination? Seemingly, it begins with making your bed every morning. Simple, repetitive ….. there’s a theme here that sounds like MKMMA , yes?  🙂


Admiral William H. McRaven at the University of Texas this year gave the Commencement Address of a lifetime, almost 37 years to the day since he himself graduated from UT.

And what an action-packed 37 years it has been…. What starts here changes the world, is the slogan of the University, and, in that group of 8,000 eager graduating students, there must be at least a few world-changers?

But, besides all the amazing steps and tips for life, one particular piece of information and the way it mathematically rolled out, simply took my breath away. It can be applied to any person. And more importantly, it gave every single student at that event the ability to be a world-changer, not just the chosen few.

And here it is….

The average citizen will meet 10,000 people in their lifetime.

If every single student here changed the lives of just 10 of those people…. and each of those 10 people changed the lives of another 10 people…. and then another 10….

In 5 generations (125 years), the UT Class of ’14 would have changed the lives of 800 million people…. (roll that around in your head for a moment).

That’s over twice the population of the United States. And if you go one more generation, then you can change the lives of the entire population of the world. Eight Billion People.

And if you think it’s hard to change the lives of ten people, you’re wrong. The Admiral gives some wonderful stories of lives being changed every day during his years in service. Not by huge acts of bravery, no. Simply by someone following their gut instinct and making a right turn instead of a left. Watch to the video and you’ll see what I mean. Life-changing moments can look disarmingly simple.

teamwork of paper team

But let’s bring it closer to home… six people began this round of MKMMA because I opened my mouth. When I look back on my previous career, I know there are at least three people who began their careers with my help and still love what they do to this day.

And as my Network Marketing career develops and I become the person I intend to become, there will be people who’s lives will change in a profound way. Just as mine has, from one woman who I barely knew making at least 6 calls to let me know about an industry I had no knowledge of. (Thank goodness she persisted with something as simple as a phone call.)

As well, think about the MKMMA Class of ’14…. think about the millions of people Mark Januszewski and the whole MKMMA team plan to touch with their incredible courses over the coming years. Rolling out significant change in the lives of many, because it’s beginning where it counts – the self development of each individual. The ripple effect is going to be  H U G E!!!!

To spend 20 minutes watching the Admiral’s speech will give you the 10 great tips for life. This is number 10 (most important) ~ keep-calm-and-don-t-ring-the-bell-1

Video link:  http://youtu.be/pxBQLFLei70

graduation-hats-1 Here’s to MKMMA harmony 🙂






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After 25 years in a small dark room speaking to no one (well a FEW people then), the Digital Age entered and threw me out on my ear. What does an old film editor do then? Welcome to Network Marketing! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?
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10 Responses to Week Six ~ MKMMA ~ Make your Bed and Don’t Ring the Bell !

  1. Thanks for sharing this Jen. It is an awesome video and one, I believe, everyone can benefit from.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this story with us Jen. What an inspiring video. I’m going to be sharing this one. Thnak you!

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  3. run4change says:

    Love this post and I have also started to make my bed every morning lol

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  4. Champions get up one more time than they are knocked down. Champions make their bed and don’t ring the bell. You are changing the lives of many people by teaching them to make their bed and don’t ring the bell. Thank you for a great blog, CHAMP.

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  5. Fantastic post. Thanks so much for the link, very inspiring. Changing the lives of just 10 people is such a powerful concept to strive for. Thanks again for sharing!

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  6. Janet says:

    Jenny you have such a remarkable ability to move people with your words!! I am so blessed to know you….and that video was A M A Z I N G!! Thank you ❤

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