Week Five ~ MKMMA ~ Sensitive Order

In my 30’s, one of my favourite books was “Sensitive Chaos”, by Theodor Schwenk.


I highly recommend it. Sensitive Chaos shows the unifying forces that underlie all living things, and observes such phenomena as the flight of birds; the formation of internal organs such as the heart, eye, and ear, air patterns in musical instruments; the formation of mountain ranges and river deltas; weather and space patterns; and even the formation of the human embryo.

I see so much order in the world around me in my MKMMA journey…. I get in my car, and of course we all drive on the right side of the road (which is actually the left side here). Streams and streams of hundreds and thousands of cars and trucks and bikes…. Imagine the CHAOS that would ensue if we all drove whichever direction we wanted at any speed?

I get to the swimming pool early in the morning, and we all swim laps in a certain order… up on the left and back on the right. We all fall into this pattern, dare I say, naturally?

Who makes these natural rules? And with so much order all around me; in nature, in maths and music, in the running of a home, in offices and workplaces and swimming pools and roads all around the globe… in fact, if I look long enough, I will see it everywhere…. I’m sure.

With all that order, “outside”, why is my conscious mind in such dis-order?

Tangled mind

I used to think I ran my life… but all this time, it ‘s been my subconscious….

My subconscious….. (!)


So, to cease being a whiney, hiney thumbsucker (as one classic trainer has been heard to say), I must gain control of my mind. Repetition of the small things every day train my mind.

To sit, to read, to write, to be of service, to observe… up on the left, down on the right, up on the left, down on the right…. everywhere there are signs; to growth, to harmony, to new life.

And these repetitions begin to chip away every single day at the concrete surrounds with which my subby has encased my life. These consistent small things bring order, from chaos.

As you can see… this is a mission of titanic proportions.


Wish me luck as you wave (the old) me goodbye  😉



About weseekfreedom

After 25 years in a small dark room speaking to no one (well a FEW people then), the Digital Age entered and threw me out on my ear. What does an old film editor do then? Welcome to Network Marketing! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?
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One Response to Week Five ~ MKMMA ~ Sensitive Order

  1. I enjoyed reading your post. Glad to see your chaos turning to order more and more. Keep growing! “You can be what you will to be!”


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