Week Fifteen ~ It’s Makeover Time

You imagine THIS is a makeover, right?


How lovely would it be to look 10 years younger?

My makeover is not skin deep though… it’s an inside job 😉

Every week, when someone on the webinar says, “You are Nature’s Greatest Miracle”,   I cringe a little inwardly.

Self-depreciation has been high on my list of daily activity throughout my whole life. (Admittance is the first sign of recovery!)

However, I recognise that ever so slightly, the girl in the glass is looking different. Perhaps it’s because of the eyes that are looking out rather than the actual reflection…. the world within changes the world without 🙂  I’m a lot lot lot kinder to myself ❤

Woman Looking at Reflection

Yes, I have faith in her.

Yes I know she is on a long journey, and she is succeeding.

I feel respect for her, and I trust her. She has pride in herself and her word.

How many years has it taken to come to this point?

I’m in my 60th year and it has taken all my life!

Now I’m starting the Ultimate Makeover in MKMMA. It’s not a haircut or a new dress… it’s BIG! It’s another step to ultimately change my blueprint… brick by brick, with the Law of Substitution.

Filling out the Gratitude Cards daily… shuffling, shuffling… smile (oh yes, I like that one). Finding out that it takes less effort to succeed than it does to fail. Wow, wish I’d known that some decades ago!

Thanks to Ben Franklin (yes, the guy on the USD$100 note), I’m undertaking a Virtue Makeover. In his Autobiography, Ben Franklin says, “I conceived the bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection. I wished to live without committing any fault at any time; I would conquer all that either natural inclination, custom, or company might lead me into…. But I soon found I had undertaken a task of more difficulty than I had imagined.”  Of course!! LOL

My Makeover involves 13 Virtues. Self discipline is my first Virtue…. I recognise it as often as possible every day. Funny how what you focus on multiplies!! I see it so many times in the strangest places 🙂  Knowing that Self Discipline has been my #1 Achilles Heel, I’m surprised how it’s been everywhere and I haven’t noticed it before.


This week….

Looking for examples of Self Discipline… even with children.

Doing the work, knowing “Knowledge does not apply itself” … Haanel.

Focusing on gratitude always, and it grows – I see it all around. Give more, get more. My total makeover continues week by week, and I have faith in the process.

And I’m loving ‘the Gal in the Glass’ more and more every day.

11007_897421416949838_620926836464367584_n   AND,  I am  Nature’s Greatest Miracle  xxx


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Week Fourteen ~ MKMMA ~ Get the Popcorn!

This week we’re at the Movies!! 🙂

Remember that movie Cool Runnings ?

For me, it’s all about an inner question … P e r s i s t   or   P e r i s h ?

Not much of a choice is it?

When I had this question recently, it came up during a “sit” – 15 minutes of silence and stillness. So afterwards, I thought about all the dreams and aspirations I’d had growing up. In fact, there were only a few I could actually remember… be a rock star (like Annie Lennox or Marianne Faithful), a famous actor (Glenn Close or Meryl Streep would do), or a rich and famous person – maybe a worldly famous writer or painter (Ann Frank was my girlhood hero)….. oh yeah, I forgot… I also wanted to be a train driver or a wool classer for some years too LOL 🙂

But these ideas had perished decades ago… leaving only the Ghost of Aspirations Past behind to haunt me. (apologies to Charles Dickens)

And haunt me they do. The older I get, the more I have to wrack my brain to even unveil those childish visions. So many ‘what if’s’ and ‘maybe’s’ hanging around. There’s no going back, but you can’t UN-know what you already know.

You can try to bury them, forget them…  Over and over… but they’ll come back. Like the bamboo we tried to get rid of in the front garden of our home in Sydney, back in the 80′s. Seriously, this stuff would survive a nuclear holocaust. Cockroaches and bamboo…. that’s what would be left.

And, just when we thought it had gone… there it is AGAIN. This time, coming up through the bitumen in the road outside the house!!!

As far as persistence goes, bamboo gets 10/10, 100%, A+++  for NEVER EVER giving up.

So, what does bamboo have in common with four Jamaicans in a bath? (No this is not a riddle from my Christmas BonBon hahaha)

IMG_0714????????????????? 05coolrunnings_ringsblog-blogSpan

Okay, yes… this word….   “P E R S I S T E N C E”

I mean, IMAGINE the thought of four guys who had never even seen snow, actually competing in the Winter Olympics!!!! Crazy, yes. But once the THOUGHT was there, they couldn’t UN-know it. And it ate away at them, because they had a BURNING, white-hot desire to not only compete, but to achieve in an Olympic competition.

I loved watching the movie Cool Runnings again. It documents this whimsical, wonderful story of the journey these four young men take with one burnt-out cynical, skeptical coach. To think they achieved their dream is miraculous.

Or is it?

Do you ever look at those movies and inspirational videos and think, “Well that’s okay for them, but it’s not for me. I could never do that!”

Well okay, let’s break it down shall we? Whenever you had that thought, you probably never realised there are 4 Essential Elements of Persistence in each and every story.

Each main character in Cool Runnings has a major purpose in life. All different but equally powerful. Some of their reasons “why” they harbor such deep desires only show up as the movie unfolds. One wants to follow in his father’s Olympian footsteps, one wants nothing more but to leave Jamaica and become rich and famous, one wants to crawl out from under his father’s control, and the fourth? Well, he is a born helper. He knows the plan cannot work without his input, and his selflessness, humour and faith lift the whole team in the end.

And of course there’s the coach – with his “stinking thinking” about himself after being stripped of his own Olympic Gold Medals after cheating.  His major purpose developed into absolving his past and being seen as a man of integrity and vision once again.

So the first essential element of Persistence is having a DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE in life with a burning desire to bring it to fruition.

The second essential element is to have a DEFINITE PLAN. The Jamaican Bobsled team had an incredible work ethic as they set about training in Jamaica, and later in Calgary. Their coach was a flawed human being, but they put their faith in him and followed his teaching to the letter, despite being the laughing stock of the world press and fellow competitors.

Which brings me to the third essential element of Persistence…. it’s having a mind tightly closed to negativity. There was constant negativity from both without and within. Each member of the team and the coach wavering and wanting to give up at different times. So, you have to have a PMA – a Positive Mental Attitude 🙂

And finally the forth essential element – having an Alliance of people who not only believe in your mission but support and have total faith in you. This develops in the story, because at first they only have each other to lean on. Gradually the alliance builds as they get support from unlikely sources, eventually earning the support and admiration of the sporting world as they are invited back to the next Winter Olympics four years hence.

Not to mention the support of all of Jamaica, which also developed throughout the film, especially when the team stopped trying to be what they were not… and then becoming themselves – Jamaicans!!!!

Yep, there’s a lot to be said for persistence!!

What does all this prove? Persistence is not a trait or a characteristic. Persistence is a most misunderstood word. It’s a word of ACTION. Action that contains all four essential elements. Miss one, and it’s like baking a cake without the eggs… or the flour…. or the milk…

joel_xmas-past1 So, my own Ghost of Aspirations Past learned a lot of things from this movie besides seeing the glaring presence of the four essential ingredients of Persistence.

People are always afraid of what’s different.

Carry your vision with you always  (Yul Brynner’s photo of Buckingham Palace).

Focus… Have your own style… Follow your dreams… and,

Peace be the Journey ❤

And that Gold Medal they didn’t win? As the Coach says in the end, “If you’re not enough without a Gold Medal, you’ll never be enough with it”.

And most of all, they kept their word, and achieved their DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE.

images    Always keep your word!


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Week Thirteen ~ MKMMA ~ lucky me

545817_10200582505301949_810930434_n Luckily, I am not a tree!!

I can move. I can change.


Luckily, I’ve got a Definite Major Purpose in my life that’s backed by a BURNING desire.

Luckily, I have a DEFINITE plan and I am continuously taking action.

Luckily, I stand guard at the door of my mind ~ CAVE people (citizens against virtually everything) do not effect my life.

And most importantly, I have my MKMMA…. an incredible alliance of extraordinary people encouraging each other to follow through with our plans and purpose in life.


I have a lot to be grateful for… and I’m writing each grateful thought down as they pop into my mind. I’m constantly looking for those wonderful “brown paper packages tied up with string”…….

10462520_834711243220856_8969011201487494399_n Really, my favourite things 🙂

As my family gathered to celebrate Christmas, I observed the many interactions that come from just being who we are…. no judgement, simply observation. I’m already feeling vulnerable and brittle… it’s my first Christmas without mum.

We’re a tiny family now. Bonded by blood, belief systems firmly in place, and for me a true miracle. Being able to feel love for all who sat around the table. Compassion and gratitude filled me as much as the delicious food that I had lovingly prepared (with mum in mind).

This family, these people are the ones who have helped to shape my belief systems since birth…. creating the blueprint I have operated from. Until now.

Because, the miracle that produced me should not end at my birth.

As Davene has said, “It may be tough at times, but it’s better than leading a life of quiet desperation”.

I’ve found my Traction Point. I know it. And these quiet holiday weeks have felt like the calm before the storm. I’ve taken time out to clear the decks. Mentally and physically.

As I’ve said to my friends… I’m like a coiled spring. Taking it easy now. Meditating and getting clear about the New Year ahead.

Then, Look Out World! I feel calmly confident as I step out in 2015. MKMMA is with me.

May the Alliance be with you!!

Instead of a New Year’s resolution, I have a specific plan for a total makeover. And I have complete faith in the journey. Watch this space…. 2015 is my year.


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Week Twelve ~ MKMMA ~ A Turning Point


“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”

Alas, I have not been harmonious. I have not been in Harmony with my fellow MKMMA’ers. And I’ve been speaking to myself about that (firstly, in the mirror), and during my ‘Sit’.

I’ve made a discovery…. A Cute Baby Boy Isolated on White.about myself.


And that is, that I stay on the periphery of everything. Is that my Asperger’s self? Because, to me it’s a natural place to be. On the outside. I find it really hard to be ‘in’. In fact, it’s an alien place for me. To be fully IN a group, even a family. I love my family, but they are all very separate beings, and yet I am joined with them in a way that there are no real boundaries. What a dichotomy!! What a puzzling observation.

It’s one I will take fully IN and wonder about. I will walk around it and into it and try to understand how I can at least verbalise this ‘knowing’, so it makes some sense.

But the immediate problem is not being fully ‘in’ MKMMA, which means that I’m not meeting my obligations of harmony. Not getting my blogs in on time and going into the Alliances but not commenting or sharing, despite having thoughts on both.

The more I go into this epiphany, the more I discover. It’s incredible that I did not see this for all the years I have consciously been on Earth. Yet I see it now and it is not really news to me. It just is.

I wonder, Is there another Aspie in MKMMA who could shed some light on this for me?

In the meantime, I will consciously “do” what I have to do. With joy and consciousness. I will “Step In”, and ask forgiveness from all you wonderful MKMMA’ers. They say acknowledgement is the first step to recovery… ?

Wow…. can I even  I M A G I N E  a world where I am present and accountable? To more than just me? Thank you to my Guide Luc, and thank you to Mark and Davene and the team, and thank you all for standing there and patiently waiting. I see you all. And, with a lump in my throat, I cautiously step forward, despite my self telling me I’m fine where I am.

It’s time….

to take new steps in a different direction.white_steps-1024x1024

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Week Eleven ~ MKMMA ~ Me… and the Mirror

There’s nowhere to run or hide when you look at yourself in a mirror.

Sure, I can walk away, look away, but I’m still there. It’s a bit like your FEET.You know they’re there. You walk all day with them, but you don’t really pay them any attention. You never sit and pull up a foot and look at it and pat and massage it and thank it … do you?

Well, it reminds me of the cursory glance we give each other. I put on makeup, my husband shaves, but I notice that we don’t notice ourselves. We’re just looking at the face. Try looking into your eyes….

Okay, doing that now, so I may as well stay and do this exercise. It’s actually the most honest appraisal I’ll ever get. There is only me, and I know what I’ve done, haven’t done, thought of, forgot, remembered, put off, did the best, did the least, pretended to do…. so, it’s me and me. And we’re not going anywhere 🙂

This is my time with me and I’m starting to treasure it, because I’m honest with her…. that women I’m getting to know.

In fact it’s amazing what comes out of my mouth lol.

First, I read the Gal in the Glass by Dale Wimbrow

When  you  get  what  you  want  in  your  struggle  for  pelf,
And  the  world  makes  you  Queen for  a  day,
Then  go  to  the  mirror  and  look  at  yourself,
And  see  what  that  gal has  to  say.
For  it  isn’t  your  Father,  or  Mother,  or
Partner  for  life,
Who  judgement  upon  you  must  pass.
The  person  whose  verdict  counts  most  in  your  life
Is  the  gal staring  back  from  the  glass.
She’s  the  gal to  please,  never  mind  all  the  rest,
For  she’s  with  you  clear  up  to  the  end,
And  you’ve  passed  your  most  dangerous,  difficult  test
If  the  gal in  the  glass  is  your  friend.
You  may  be  like  Jack  Horner  and  “chisel”  a  plum,
And  think  you’re  a  wonderful  gal,
But  the  gal in  the  glass  says  you’re  only  a  bum
If  you  can’t  look  her straight  in  the  eye.
You  can  fool  the  whole  world  down  the  pathway  of  years,
And  get  pats  on  the  back  as  you  pass,
But  your  final  reward  will  be  heartaches  and  tears
If  you’ve  cheated  the  gal in  the  glass.
❤ ❤ ❤

Then, I appraise my day… honestly and fully.

The most important thing that’s happened is that I am kinder, gentler and more loving to myself than ever before. I see me. And I see the struggle or the win I’ve had that day. In context. And I love this girl in the glass more than ever. And I don’t have to wonder any more whether I’m going to make it. She and me, we have a pact.

We know we’re there 😉    o0768076813142563246

And if you take a few minute to watch this… you’ll know for sure how important it is to make friends with that gal (or guy) you see every day.

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Week Ten ~ MKMMA ~ Fidelity and Og

This week in the Master Keys, Sentence 23 states:

Knowledge will not apply itself.

Abundance will not come to you out of the sky, neither will it drop into your lap, but a conscious realization of the law of attraction and the intention to bring it into
operation for a certain, definite and specific purpose, and the will to carry out
this purpose will bring about the materialization of your desire by a natural law
of transference. If you are in business, it will increase and develop along
regular channels, possibly new or unusual channels of distribution will be
opened and when the law becomes fully operative,you will find that the things
you seek are seeking you.

My earnest desire is to learn, every day. To stay faithful to the process, because I have faith in the MKMMA process. My score went up by 1. It’s small, but for me it’s a change!

Having a break from the webinar this week is great, but I don’t know why? My schedule continues, I am still working with earnest desire on my Mental Diet and my DMP (always polishing), so perhaps it’s just a change that’s good. A change is as good as a holiday, right?


Well, it hasn’t felt like it. (darn!)

Og Chapter Nine has been niggling at me. Incessantly. It’s about LOVE. I realise I love LOVE. But I fall short of LOVE’s ideals. It begins, I will greet this day with LOVE in my heart.

It sounds easy. Is it true? NO. I’ve always been a grumpy morning person, meaning, I’m not a morning person lol … So, do I turn a life’s habit around?


It’s time.

What a racket! Being a grump in the mornings, just because I stay up late (I kid myself that I’m a night person).

So, to BE the person who has that certain, definite and specific purpose

Oh dear….. I am going to be a Morning Person!!!   seeking_index

I know she’s in there somewhere. 🙂

From this moment I take the first step required to become a woman among women. If I have no other qualities I can succeed with love alone. Without it I will fail, though I possess all the knowledge and skills of the world.

 I greet this day with love, and I will succeed.

waking up with a Groodle hug is a great way to become a Morning Person!!!

10428481_896940890331224_1529837952602472635_n  11007_897421416949838_620926836464367584_n ❤ ❤

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Week Nine ~ MKMMA ~ oh.. Oh…. OH!!!!!


When a 15 minute “sit” becomes a life-changing moment…. OMGGGGGG!!!!!

“When the joy of doing is greater than the pain of procrastination.”

That became a feeling… a real live cellular  FEELING  today.    TODAY!!!                            For the first time in my life  I  feel  the  shift   from   PAIN (fear)   into    JOY!

My life as a serial, constant, all-time, endless, incessant, unremitting procrastinator is       O V E R !!!!

What happened? What did it? How did that happen? (My mind goes berserk looking for answers). Was it the Sit? This Sit? All the Sits? Was it the Shapes? The ones I see and touch and look for every day? Was it the latest scroll? Was it Emerson? Was it not watching TV? Was it looking at my Movie? Reading my Press Release? Was it something Mark, Davene, Trish or Derek said? Was it something I read in the Alliances?

r e l a x



My body chills….. it was none. I smile, an inwardly beginning smile to an all out huge smile…..  r e l a x ….. it was none…….   it was  A L L

♥  It is  E V E R Y T H I N G   ♥

Who’s talking to me?

Oh, it’s me lol…. (it felt like God, for a minute)

EVERY SINGLE THING you’ve been doing EVERY SINGLE DAY is a result of how you feel at this very second. Right now.

It all rolls out before me.

(Like my life flashing before me as I’m about to die, (I think), at the same time that this rolling out thing is happening)

It’s a fast forward vision of my MKMMA weeks…. the webinars, the sits, the reading, touching my hand on the blue tiles at the end of the pool, saying Do It Now over and over…

I  can  be  what  I  will  to  be.

It is here and now. And a line from Mark a couple of weeks ago comes to mind.                 It’s not about overcoming, it’s about REPLACING!!

stock-footage-macro-view-open-woman-eyes-with-change-focus   Eyes Open….   the Sit is over.                                         There has been no sound or movement.

As I get my breakfast I realise it’s been happening gradually, even though it feels like the first CLAP heralding a giant thunderstorm.

The satisfying self-responsibility feelings I had during the week when I was doing my tax returns. It felt good, rather than being a horrible chore….. I was being of service to myself and my family!!!

Getting out of bed early. Making my bed straight away. It feels lovely to look at a well made bed.. truly!!!

Touching the shapes as I walk past. Making connections. Making more connections. Doing, instead of thinking.     A C T I O N  🙂

As I eat my muesli in this visceral self-aware moment, I remember one of my favourite quotes of all time. I first read it on the back a friend’s toilet door  🙂


And the day came

       when the PAIN and FEAR of procrastination

              became impossible

       against the JOY of doing.


Ode to the sit….

Never underestimate the Sit…..

Feel your body, down to the cells. Know how you feel. Know yourself. Know how you feel in “Neutral”, so you can get back to that place when you need to. Pour love into yourself, and feel it filter all the way through…. like the first water in a riverbed after the drought. It runs along with intention, seeking every grain of sand, every nook and cranny… pouring itself totally and without favour into every crevice and around every structure.

for it is in the Sit, that magic happens…..    meditation-3rd20eye



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